My legs are killing me

Hey! sorry for the long pause, life has been really hectic lately. As you all know, Chinese New Year is just around the corner!! Worst thing is I haven't bought myself anything for it. It's this tradition where you have to wear new clothes on the first day of new year. FIRST DAY.... I did buy dresses, they are new, technically they could be worn on the first day but I want something nicer =_= XD. I'll just keep them for the 2nd day of CNY..3rd day etc etc =_= XD
I saw this really cute RED chiffon top on the internet, immediatly asked for it, but it was sold :( MEEEEHHHHHH. NEED TO GO SHOPPING. HE HE HE

Besides that, my legs are soooo killing me today. Am supposed to be out paintballing with friends and have a game of futsal(football with smaller field and it's indoors) but since I am limping and could barely walk.. :(

Reason being that my legs are sore, I had a marathon race in school yesterday.... I actually got a medal for it!! HAHAHAH .. =_= It wasn't anything good XD It was just 5th placing but!(this will sound SOOO LAMMEEE but.. It's my FIRST TIME getting a medal in running!! :O )

I'm stoked about it since I had no proper training or preparation for the run, went to school and just ran. Heck! I didn't even knew the race route XD.
Plus, before the race started, I was still coughing and wheezing(sssh, my parents don't know, they'd kill me if they found out HAHA..well most probably they know now HAHAHA =_=)
So under all that circumstances, I am pretty proud of myself for still being able to get 5th place. HAHAH
My legs are in terrible pain now tho. PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN. I can barely walk.

Please ask them to wake up =_= XD

am off, need to go massage them legs. XD

Till next time xx