The dress that I wore..

Hello!! Hows the year 2011 been for you so far? :)

Well school reopened on the 3rd of January(so no more partying and hanging out all day long :()
This year I am in my last year of sixth form. I am in upper sixth now :O =_= xd Will be sitting for a very very important public exam in about uuuh 10 months time? :P xd Well yeah guess this year would definitely be an even more hectic year for me :/. I shall not fret because in 11 months time, I AM FREE <3 XD

Anyways, I just wanted to show you lovies what I wore for the New Year's Eve dinner party that i attended. I am truly in love with the dress. It's original price was actually RM 79.70 buuut since i bought it during the year end sale it was sold at half price!! <3 *lovees* XDXD
Ps I totally forgot to take some posy pictures of me wearing the dress so likeeeeee here are some pictures with friends.

A toast to everyone let's make this year 2011 a rocking and fabulous one! :D xd

Pictures taken by yours truly. All Rights Reserved

Like the dress?? :D xd

Till next time xxx