Info Update on War Museum Penang

Remember back in Nov of 2010 I talked about visiting the war museum in Penang Island?
Well, guess what?! Last week(or so), it was on tv under the history channel. It was a program hosted by Anthony Morse.

If you've read the post, I talked about climbing up some old ex-war ladder from underground yeah? and how I said I forgot how high it was? Well, It was 9 metres in height! WHOA. YAY ME =_= XD
And I was right, the underground tunnel could fit up to 200 soldiers at a time :D

I found Anthony Morse's behind the scene video of the War Museum :D

Ps, in this video, the ammunition hoist that he was talking about is in the underground room i went into, and if you notice the staircase in the video.. it is the staircase that leads us into the crawling tunnel and up the rusted ladder. HAHA!!
(Yes!! I was superbly hyper throughout the whole episode just cause I was there.. my mum was watching it too and I was like, SEEE MUM I TOLD YOU IT WAS SCARY!!=_= HAHA. Cause she thought i was exaggerating about the crawling tunnel and underground tunnel and all. XD)

Ps, the 30 metres deep ladder he talked about was not allowed for tourist but I did take a picture of it.

In the last part of the episode, he went to Bujang Valley, Kedah... I WAS THERE TOO!! AHAHHA You can definitely say i was one hyper kid that night =_= XD. I was overly excited because I was there there there =_= EHHE. You may call me lame. XD

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Till next time xxx