Cause baby you're a firework!

HEHEH. I am addicted to Katy Perry's firework. The chorus is catchy! =_=

Soooooooo I thought i share with you guys pictures of the fireworks I took on early Christmas Morning(12am+)

It was like a firework show, people kept setting off fireworks competing against each other. So, I had FREE fireworks show =_= XDXD I took quite a number of shots but these are my pride and joy from the crazy amount of firework shots =_=

I love this and the first pic the most. =_=
I still can't believe i actually shot these pictures XD. I mean I know It's not like superbly amazingly epic but taken by me? I think they're pretty good. AHAHAH

A week of school has past.SO QUICK. 10 more months :/ *emos*
XD I shall leave now before i go all emo here XDXDXD

Pictures taken by yours truly. All Rights Reserved

Till next time xxxx