I Love my rubber ducks

I am pretty sure i haven't tell you lovies that I am kind of obsessed with rubber ducks XD Well, so far I have only 2. 2 very precious ones because both were gifts <3
One was a gift for Christmas present back in 2009 and another was a teased gift on my 18th Birthday. I love rubber duckies! I find them superbly adorable HAHA.
Weeeellllllll.... NOT TOO LONG AGO. They finally had a day out. I hope it was fun for them(XD) My cousins sort of kidnapped them without my knowledge and when we arrived at the pool, my cousins threw them into the pool "for a swim" HAHA.

Here are the pictures from my rubber duckies day out XD
ENJOY =_= xd

My beloved cousin decided that it should have a try at the kid's pool's slide =_= XD

Me trying to save them HAHAH =_=

Sun tanning. Was a pretty gray day that day tho. =_= AHHA

eheh. Something light to brighten up the crazy hectic school-studying mood xd
Hope you lovies enjoyed this post :D

Pictures taken by yours truly. All Rights Reserved

Till next time xxx