Dim Sum & a Birthday

Well, I am about a week late but yaaah, Happy Birthday Rach!


Had dim sum lunch last weekend with the people that mean the world to me and also celebrated Rach's birthday :D We had one crazy afternoon. Took loads of random pictures and at the end of the day when I uploaded the pictures, I was in utter shock! We took 542 pictures in JUST ONE AFTERNOON!! HAHA. Crazy kids...=_=

Anyway, here's some pictures of what we wore that afternoon. EHEH. Hope you guys like it :D


Want her heels, her bag,everything =_= XD(Mia, if you're reading this.. PLEEASSEE?? HAHAHAHAHAHAH :P)

Our rings. Rose ring belongs to Mia.


I love the purple dress on her, she looks really gorgeous :D

Birthday Girl

Poser =_= XD.

The gorgeous necklace she had on <3


Wish this was in focus, it would have looked great( HAHAH)

As for moi,I wore a dress but tucked it in and made it into a top <3 EHHEH.
Ps, this picture of me is soooo unprepared! :O =_=

Till next time xxx