Raptor Watch 2011

Harro. I am not going to apologies for not posting because I think most probably you guys are sick of that..

Last weekend, I attended this annual event-Raptors Watch held by the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS). It was my first time attending an event like that but it was awesome :D. Owh! Just a heads up, I didn't take much picture that day cause I was a LITTLE itsy bitsy bit intimidated by the photographers that were present. They are all like this really professional people(or at least people who have been doing this thing for decades..) going around with their digiscopes/ L lenses and tripods et cetera, all geared up for the event and all while me(well, technically I am not a photographer,that is something I do not claim to be but yeaah) with my standard Telephoto Zoom Lens and a 50mm lens(WHICH I ADORE ALOT!) so like yeaah intimidated =_= XDXDXD. Hence very little pictures.. moving along.

Digiscope!(without the camera attached tho :( )

Telescopes were set up randomly around the placce for people to looked through :)

This event had been going on since the year 2000. There was alot of stuff going on, games to play, booths that were very informative and even a booth for face painting!

I did not try it out tho cause I have sensitive skin and dared not take the risk of having blotchy red face later.. HEHEHEHEH

We actually didn't do much,we arrived, walked around the booths, check out stuff, looked through telescopes to look for the raptors floating/flying/resting above. Try to get a tan at the beach.. XD bought a T-shirt from one of the booth! and just relaxed. XD

The list of the raptors recorded.

That's about it :( XD. OWH OWH! I bought this really really cute t-shirt(which I didn't take a pic of sorry :()

Pps, my first monthly exam ended, I didn't do well at all. Time to work even harder :/

Pictures taken by yours truly. All Rights Reserved.

Find out more on their website Raptor Watch

Thanks for still being here!! Means a lot to me :D

Till next time xxx