Harro again. So was watching videos from Vogue Russian Tv and browsing through the web AAANNNNDDD I FOUND SOMETHING AWEEESSSOOMMMEEE-Looklet. XD

It's something like Polyvore where you get to create looks but this allows you to create looks with models .HEHEHEHE. =_= *faints* (there goes my plan of studying/doing my school work) XD

Here are the looks I created this afternoon. XD(I don't really know how to syn Looklet and blogger or something so ... :( )

Owh! This look was created by my sister :D I love it! xd

You guys should totally try it out :D(meeh maybe you've all knew about it I am just late XD)
Here's my Looklet.

Ps tell me what you think of the looks I created XD

Till next time xxxx