Nails painted with pink and black spots

Hey! How is everyone? :) I've had a really fun-filled and awesome week that was spent with family and friends. It was Chinese New Year on Thursday. Sad to say, this year I got LA...ZY... and didn't take much pictures. Did not take pictures of the outfits I wore too. :( XD

So, even waaay before CNY started, I had already began partying =_= HAHA.(not really, but I had been out and busy hence the very lack of post..)
Here is what I've been busy with....



Posed during a...

Futsal game

Got myself new rings.

and... MORE FOOOOODDDDD.(on nom nom nom nom XD)

All these pictures proves ONE THING.

I am a terrible blogger. SORRRRRRYYYY ehhe <3

Till next time xxx