Bird Poo after Midnight.

So, was out just now and a bird poop on my hair. =_=.

Ps, CNY is gonna be over soon. Today is officially the 13th day of CNY. I don't really want it to be over. When the festive season is gone, the exam stress returns. GAH. arh well. Haven't been able to concentrate in class lately, too annoyed at the humid weather and too emo to concentrate. =_= Feels like I'm left behind in almost all the subjects. :S
Wish I could runaway from all these stresses.

Let's runaway together!

Or fly away to never neverland.

Or be caught up in a wonderland like Alice.

or swim in the sea of Sipadan Island, Borneo.

I miss the beach. I miss the salty air. I miss the feeling of sand. I miss the freedom and non-stressed life before sixth form. I miss the Islands I visited. I missed my chance of going on a school trip to an Island.

Kinda depressing post. XD My apologies.

Pictures via Fashiongonerogue+ random google searches. xx

Till next time :) xx