Penang Obsessed

After Kedah, we went on to Penang. We spent 2 days and a night in Penang but i will put all the randoms into this post eheh.

We arrived Penang about 6pm and we checked into our hotel. Then we walked for about 20 minutes to go to this famous food court where they sell loads and loads and loads of food =_=. We ordered almost everything there and shared our dinner. By 11pm+ we walked back to our hotel but we made a detour to go to Starbucks but but but, we got kicked out??? HAHAH no I AM KIDDING. Starbucks was close :( so instead we went to Coffee Bean which is behind of Starbucks.XD My friends had coffee and i had Double Chocolate (yummmm but sooo fattening :( XD)
Meeeh, i dun really noe what to say :S XD so i shall let the pics do the talking? eheh ENJOY

For tomorrow, i will blog about the War Museum in Penang that we went to. It has this eerie feeling.... will blog tomorrow ;)

Till next time xx