Archeology visits

First of all, thankiu for the well wishes for my exam, results are out i don't think i did as well as i expected myself too but i guess i have next year to work harder for. OWH! remember in one of my previous post i said i feel dumb in accountings? Well the irony of it is, amongst all my subjects, i did the best in accountings XDXD!
Arh well, anyway I am back from my trip, and WOW it was an incredible experience for me :)

Instead of the usual mall stuff,we visited historic places,so it was new.
On the first day we went straight up North of Peninsular Malaysia,Kedah to visit the archeology site. YES I STEPPED FOOT THERE =_= xd I was hyped up, first time being in Bujang Valley and all. The monuments we saw date back to the 1st and 2nd century!! That's like even older than Borobudur, Angkor Wat and all.. Something so old was found in Malaysia itself is just spectacular.
So here are some of the pictures i took from the site. Hope you guys like it :)

One of the archeology masters student briefing and explaining to us about the site they found etc.

This is the place of worship for the people back in the 1st(round shaped monument) and 2nd century(the square shaped monument was built over it). It is facing directly towards Mount Jerai, where back then it was believed that that was where their Gods and Goddess lived.

I wasn't actually dressed properly to visit the site but arh well XD

I will be blogging about my trip for the next few days so hope you guys stay tune and enjoy it because i know i had so much fun xd. I kinda miss the places and want to go back! xd

Ps, i got myself a new haircut!! Can't wait to share it with everyone. TOMORROW ;) xd

Till next time xxx