Had a tough week. GAH

Hello! Sorry for the long silence again, i am having my finals, last day is on the 2nd of Nov so bare with me. Just wanted to blog about something that's been going on with me right now.
As a warning, this might just be one of my very very emo post so if you are not keen to read it, just scroll right down to the bottom of this post and start reading from the words that read On a brighter note (HAHAHAH :P) :D EHHE.

These past 2 weeks had been a stressful week for me. Main reason? I am torn between accounts and history. For the past 5 months or so(the day i started sixth form) i chose these subjects---> Economics, Accountings and Business... General Studies and MUET(English entry thing for uni) are compulsory so technically i chose Econs,Acc and Business. Since the second month of sixth form tho, i had been thinking of changing to the history class(which consist of the same subjects except they study history and not accounting) I never change class. About a week back, a friend and i was talking and coincidently , he was thinking of changing to history class too(he's from math class..other subjects are the same except for the history, accounts and maths) So , i was thinking at least if i change, i wont be that one person who has to study everything for the next 2 months. Other students used half a year to study them i use 2 months. I went home thought long and hard about it, the next day i decided to change to history class. We went to see the sixth form coordinator teacher to tell him of our situation. He was well very sceptical about it, they were like we've already said accounts and maths was difficult, you people still insisted on taking it and now almost the end of this year's school semester you decide to change? In addition to that they were also saying stuff like why? can't take it anymore?(maths/accounts) so what about the rest of your subjects? only what.. 30 marks? 40 marks? URGH!GAAAHHH i was actually very down, i felt so emo after that, it was like they look down on us..or maybe just me?
We went to look for the history teachers to ask them whether we could change class at this time of the year, they said if we're okei then they're okei. But maybe they were trying to motivate us or something but they told us this---> just make sure, when you come to my class, make sure that you do well in it and you won't bring the whole class's result down....
Their words kept playing on repeat in my head,but i was also in doubt if i should change because i had another thought and that is---> am i thaat stupid to not be able to study accountings? I mean like it's not like i don't entirely understand it, it's just like the rest would only need a lesson to understand a topic and it would take me 2 or 3 more lessons to be able to understand, so it's like i get accounts slower than the rest, and my class is really stressful, everyone's so smart and all that and sometimes i just feel so dumb.....so like my main reason for changing to history class is because i feel so dumb in accountings class(in doubts)... GAAH ANYWAY,

On Monday, one of the history teacher told us to sit for the exam, it wont be in our result sheets or anything but he just wanted to see where we stand?
History paper was on Wednesday. ahahah I was stressed out and emo to the max! The rest had like 5 months+ to study 13 chapters of history, i only had one day not counting Monday cause i had business paper on Tuesday so i had to put History aside and concentrate on my business paper. So yeah, Tuesday, went home and studied history non-stop. buuut.. technically i had about 5 hours max to study my history. I was so emo and nervous, i wanted to do my best because then i could like show to the teachers I AM NOT DUMB =_=. So those thoughts just added up to the stress. On Wednesday, i studied throughout the whole morning in school. Paper was at 11.30am-2.30pm so i had about another 3 hours. My classmates were just dolls! They kept motivating me and kept cheering me on it was lovely :) So, i did sit for the paper, i only answer 3 questions out of 4 tho, since i really don't know the rest, i only manage to answer one of the question based on the knowledge that i just studied and the other 2 on my own knowledge of history. HA i hope i didn't crap much? XD

Today wasn't that swell.. economics was tough but can't complain. All in all i still am confuse, should i continue with accounts or take up history? Still deciding, accountings paper is on next Monday, i guess i shall see......

On a brighter note, i bought 2 rings on Sunday, which only arrived in the mail yesterday. Tell me what you think! :D (L) I am actually not very satisfied with this buy because there wasn't much defination of the item and the picture looked so lovely =_=. XD! Anyway here it is!! :D